mercredi, avril 04, 2007


1997 personnes sont passées par ici et repasseront je l'espère.
Qui sera le 2000 ème ?
Dernières nationalités qui soient passées par ici
espagnol, canadien, mexicain, québecois, normand, étasunien, hollandais, singapourien, indien, breton ....
Cant' believe it ....

1997 visitors yet from all over the world :
most of you just pass by
some of you stay and leave a comment
some "happy few" comme back almost every day. Thank you.

who will be the 2000th ?

3 commentaires:

Ronald a dit…

Will there be a small token of appreciation?
No. 2000 wil win a holiday to Rennes, all, eh??

catherine a dit…

oh I'm sorry Ron ; actually the winner is ASHISH . He was the 2000th visitor. Anyway if you want to challenge for the 3000th ....

Ashish Sidapara a dit…

Just checked my letter box, the free tickets to France haven't arrived yet ;-)

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