jeudi, mars 29, 2007

Shall we dance ?

Dancing in the streets : I like the moving of these bodies
J' aime beaucoup le mouvement de ces corps.
me encanta cómo ondulan estos cuerpos.

4 commentaires:

Maxime a dit…

Sportif, on dirait. Le mouvement est beau, mais j'oserais jamais faire subir ça à ma partenaire !

Ashish Sidapara a dit…

haha .. fun shot!!

Ronald a dit…

Street Festivals are really fun to make pictures...

Did I mention the "Oerol Festival" on my beloved Island of Terschelling??
Its a full 10 days (15 - 24 june...),of street-art, -street-entertainment, street-cabaret, street-music.
Lots of people and photographic opportunities!

Carlotta a dit…

Great work.

My favorite things (click here if you want some music)

impossible de coller leur §§§§§ de bouton.